For all of us there are times in our lives when we feel confused, distressed or unable to cope.  Therapy offers the opportunity to achieve a greater understanding of ourselves and our emotional distress and through the process of therapy we can discover what holds us back, enabling us to change old patterns and find new ways of approaching and overcoming difficulties.  This leads to better solutions, it enables us to be better grounded and take more control of our lives, improving confidence and self-esteem.

People come to psychotherapy for a wide variety of reasons.  Sometimes, just finding a way through difficult life events can seem impossible, and the feelings we experience can seem overwhelming and very confusing.   We can find ourselves stuck in patterns of behaviour or in relationships which feel unhealthy.  We may be struggling to deal with events in our past or present and looking at past experiences can be vital in therapy, as it is these past experiences that set the pattern for how we behave and feel as an adult. 

What to Expect 

I see individuals and couples for short and long-term (open-ended) therapy.  Consultations are 50 minutes for invidual therapy and 60 minutes for couples.  Consultations are available from Monday to Friday with daytime, early morning and evening appointments available.

The initial consultation and assessment allows us both to explore the issues you are dealing with and what you hope to gain from therapy.  I can also expalin more about how I work, the process of therapy and my recommendations.  There is certainly no obligation to continue beyond this consultation.

My private rooms are in Manchester City Centre and Rodney Street,  Liverpool  I also offer appointments via Skype. 

If you would like to make an appointment or would like further information, please contact me on either 0161 327 2175 or Mobile 07935 228216 or email fjmtherapy@gmail.com or complete the contact form below.  


F I O N A  M A C K E N Z I E

Counsellor & Psychotherapist MBACP UKATA