Psychotherapy & Counselling 


Counselling helps people struggling with everyday issues who may need additional support to help them through challenging events in their life or identify negative patterns of relating or behaviour in order to develop more positive strategies and patterns.  Through therapy we can gain self-awareness and a greater understanding of our inner world which can lead to personal growth, development and change. 

For all of us there are times in our lives when we feel confused, distressed or unable to cope.  I can provide an objective listening ear, in a safe and supportive environment. I will also help you to recognise your resources and successes.

Counselling can help improve our sense of wellbeing, alleviate our distress, resolve our crises, increase our ability to solve problems, see other opinions and empowers us to make our own decisions.

The length of time you may need to come to counselling depends very much on the individual and the issues you bring.  A specific difficulty may only take a few sessions, while more complex and deep-rooted problems may take longer.



I work from an integrative framework and I tailor my approach around your needs and concerns.

Together we will examine and assess the issue(s) that concern you in a holistic way by taking into account your past experiences, current circumstances and future aspirations.

There are many reasons a person may choose to seek therapy.  Some people come because they feel they are facing a crisis, some because they feel stuck, or something known or unknown is upsetting them.  Perhaps there is a sense of unease which lacks words, or a pattern of behaviour keeps repeating itself.

Therapy is not a quick fix.  We may engage with it at different stages in our lives, when particular issues are calling for our attention, or we may need support to deepen self-awareness, and our capacity to relate to ourselves and others in an authentic and intimate way, which is a life long journey.  

Couples & Relationship Counselling 

We work together to reveal the underlying relationship dynamic and experiment with new and more productive ways of relating to each other.   Seeking counselling may be a way to strengthen your relationship or to find a way to part amicably  Some of the issues I have worked with include the trauma of a break-up, separation, divorce, infidelity or other breaches of trust, losing a child or experiencing a miscarriage, power struggles, communication problems and confusing relationships.

There are many reasons why couples decide to seek help with their relationship.  Maybe you can’t talk to each other as a couple about the problems you are having and meeting with a therapist/counsellor can be a way to open up communications again and help you think about your relationship. It can provide an opportunity to explore how these problems have arisen and what interferes with changing them, to begin to examine the dynamics within your relationship and gain a better understanding of the underlying issues.

Communication is at the heart of all good relationships so helping a couple to talk to each other about what they are finding painful and difficult is one of the most vital aspects of therapy. 

Online Therapy

Finding the right therapist can be difficult.  Location, availability and cost are all factors that will have an impact on your choice.  However, recent advances in communication technology have given you, the client, a far bigger say in how you receive therapy. 

With online therapy, via Zoom,, Skype etc. therapy appointments can now be available at a location and time to suit you.  This is particularly useful if you are unable to leave your home or live in a remote location.  You may have a particularly busy lifestyle and want to receive therapy 'on the move' or at your place of work. 

I am able to offer far more opportunity for reduced rate consultations via an online service.  You may wish to begin with face-to-face appointments and then move to an online arrangement to reduce time and cost. 

I am happy to discuss the various ways in which you might arrange therapy.  

Therapy available anytime, anywhere

Therapy for Artists & Writers 


​I work with actors, writers, dancers, singers, directors, musicians, technicians and production staff on a range of issues which include self-confidence, stage fright, procrastination, self-esteem, perfectionism, writer’s block, performance and audition anxieties, phobias, criticism, managing injury, issues around ageing, career change and career development.


Of course, I would be more than happy to work with you on any issue, it certainly does not need to be work related.

In addition to private therapy I have  devised workshops for actors, drama school students and artists of every hue.  These include "Performance Anxiety" and "Fulfilling your Potential".   If you or would like to be put on the mailing list for these or any other workshops, please email your details here.

I am a registered practitioner for BAPAM (British Association for Performing Arts Medicine)


My private rooms are in Manchester City Centre and Rodney Street, Liverpool.   However, if you are working abroad or on tour I offer sessions via Skype.  I also have a limited number of sliding scale reduced fee consultations which I can offer.  Please get in touch for details.

Appointments & Fees


I see individuals and couples for short and long-term (open-ended) therapy.  Consultations are 50 minutes for invidual therapy and 60 minutes for couples.  Consultations are available from Monday to Friday with daytime, early morning and evening appointments available.

The initial consultation and assessment allows us both to explore the issues you are dealing with and what you hope to gain from therapy.  I can also expalin more about how I work, the process of therapy and my recommendations.  There is certainly no obligation to continue beyond this consultation.

My private rooms are in Manchester City Centre and Rodney Street, Liverpool.  I also offer appointments via Skype. 



Individual Psychotherapy and Counselling Appointments £60.00

(50 minute consultation)


Online Appointments £50.00

(50 minute consultation) 

Relationship Counselling £65.00 

(60 minute consultation) 

Family Therapy from £75.00

(90 minute consultation)

Limited number of reduced rate consultations available, please ask for details. 


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Face-to-Face and Online Appointments